I have recently responded to a calling within myself to do more with Irish dance. For those of you who have read my Adult Dancer article in Feis America, you may remember that the song “Book of Days” by Enya has a very special meaning for me. It has been choreographed as my signature dance, telling the story of my journey of self discovery through Irish dancing.

Well my journey continues. This past January, I started volunteering my weekends to teach Irish dance to developmentally-challenged adult women. It is both a blessing and a privilege to be able to share my passion for the art with them. Although I am dealing with a wide variety of physical and/or mental disabilities, I find that each woman I work with gives it her all.

The joy on their faces says it all. For some, the extent of what they can do, will be confined to our class time. For others, there is tremendous potential for performing in nursing homes and parades. Seeing their enthusiasm, I have no doubt they will keep me busy.

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We never really know what direction our future will lead us. I never thought that four years ago, when I started Irish dance, I would be answering this call. I do know that I am finding great joy in responding to this and, hope to for many more years to come.

Whether it’s performing at local charity events or helping struggling classmates with a step, there are many ways we can help the community through our individual Irish dancing talents.

What’s one way you’ve touched the community with your skills? Share in the comments below.

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