Andrew M. Greeley has been a towering figure in Irish-American letters for decades now. A best-selling author and novelist and widely published sociologist and columnist, he is a professor at the University of Chicago and the University of Arizona, and as a priest, has made groundbreaking comments regarding the Irish, the clergy and sexuality. Recently, Greeley - who is 80 years old - fell and suffered a serious head injury. Though the prognosis was bleak at first, Greeley's status has improved dramatically. If all goes well, we might even see the indefatigable Greeley on TV discussing his 17th Blackie Ryan book, which is just out, called "The Archbishop in Andalusia." Ryan, of course, is Archbishop John Blackwood Ryan of Chicago. In "The Archbishop in Andalusia," Ryan goes to Spain for an academic conference, but once there, learns suspicion is running high that a prominent wealthy widow may be murdered. The tension builds as the widow and various scheming family members unearth bitterness and anger from the past. Meanwhile, on the home front, a nephew of Blackie's may or may not be trying to delay his wedding, while one of Blackie's colleagues back in Chicago is ailing. "The Archbishop in Andalusia" is yet another informative page-turner from Andrew Greeley. ($24.95 / 269 pages / Forge)