Dublin's own Mary Byrne, who has reached the final live shows of the English talent show the "X Factor" is being backed by her employers, supermarket chain Tescos.

Claims over the weekend by news media outlets say that Tescos sent out a "vote for Mary" email to over 300,000 employees, was giving the Irishwoman an unfair advantage. 

However, a spokesman for the supermarket chain said that although the company was supporting its employee, it was not trying to influence how people voted.

“She has reached the "X Factor" finals on her talent alone,” he said.

Byrne, 50, worked for Tescos in Ballyfermot in Dublin for a number of years before appearing on the show.

This past weekend Byrne sang her rendition of Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" and aced the performance.

Judge Louis Walsh said he was "proud to be Irish" watching Byrne perform.

Simon Cowell said he wasn't sure if he liked Byrne for the final and was glad "he was wrong."

Byrne has supporters in every corner of Ireland and England hoping she will win this years title.

Staff of a local pub in Dublin wore t-shirts saying "Mary's got the X Factor."

Byrne's neighbor, Danny Clarke told the Irish Times that the singers appearance on the show has boosted morale in the area.

“This community has been estranged for a long time and Mary is making it socialize again,” he said.

“I’ve never seen a gathering here like this.”

“She’s our Susan Boyle,” said Terry Bradley, who has heard her sing for 25 years.

“I was a bit worried about her dancing last week, but the judges saw past that,” said Kevin Reid, a local musician. “This time she was even better and, please God, she’ll make the final,” he added.