It wasn't all plain sailing for Susan Boyle, and here are her ten worst moment in a monumental year.

1. Amanda Holden doing a vicious imitation of Susan on a television show in Britain--jealousy gets you nowhere.

2. Sharon Osbourne making obscene remarks about Boyle on a radio show in the U.S. --no class.

3. Tabloids making up stories at every turn about Susan's problems-- no truth

4. Her brief breakdown after losing the final of Britain's Got Talent --not at all surprising in retrospect given the incredible pressure

5. New Zealand radio host calling her retarded -- a shocking scenario that deservedly earned him a tough reprimand

6. Piers Morgan claiming credit over Simon for making Susan Boyle who she is --Hey guys she accomplished most of that all on her own

7.Lilly Allen -- who? British singer who criticized Susan Boyle as being over rated --Oh yeah? Has she ever gone platinum in every country?

8.Northern Irish firm who created obscene Susan Boyle underwear to try and cash in--Puhleeze

9. Anti-Susan Boyle sites on Facebook.... why do people have such a problem with her success?

10.Personal gripe 'Daydream Believer' on her album --the only wrong note