So you’re a strapping young Irish lad or lassie in America - or so you say. But have you retained the soul of the Gael?

Take the following test to see.

1. Does your mother still do the odd wake up call for you, from 3,500 miles away?

2. Do you crave Taytos and demand anyone coming back from Ireland bring you some?

3. Did you switch to coffee because American tea bags are so bland the tea tastes like hot water?

4. Do you still laugh when a pretty girl or a good looking boy asks if you want a ride home?

5. You still can’t stand when someone offers you corned beef and cabbage as an “Irish” dish.

6. Do you occasionally talk or curse in Gaelic to confuse or impress your American friends?

7. You still can’t stand baseball the way you could not stand cricket in England. Boring!

8. Do you still not get why many Americans tell you they’re Irish too?

9. Do you HATE Donald Trump as the epitome of everything over the top here?

10.  Do you love Sunday morning brunch and the New York Times? What a great American invention.

*Originally published in September 2013.