Rob Pattinson may be a teenage heartthrob but to many of us he's just a slob. Here's why:

   1. Admitted he didn’t wash that often.

   2. Said he wanted privacy while his PR people were telling tabloids where he was eating out.

   3. Story that he was hit by a cab while escaping fans  - grossly exaggerated.

   4. Said he couldn’t find a date when he was seen with hot actresses all over town.

   5. Made the following profound observation when asked what he would like to be: “I think I'd be a dog. The lifestyle of a dog has always fascinated me.”

   6. Said he looked like “ an old Irish alcoholic” – a definite insult to Irish alcoholics who look a lot better than beetle brows.

   7. Admitted he tried out for role in sex film

   8. Jimmy Fallon imitation stressing Rob's phony 'depth' worked perfectly.

   9. Poor little rich boy. Continuous whine about why he is misunderstood, all alone etc… meanwhile putting tens of millions on the bank.

   10. Bolted like bat from hell and screamed at bodyguards when unfortunate young fan who has swine flu approached him. Class act. Not.