The Irish have a wonderful way with language, to the point that outsiders can hardly understand at times. Here are some examples, using images from the quintessential Irish movie, "The Quiet Man," for illustration purposes.

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1.What’s the craic?

How is everything going, what is going on?

2. Up the Yard.

As in “Get up the yard” get out of here, get lost, I don’t believe you.

3. “Brass monkeys today”

Weather cold enough to freeze ... well you know ...

4. “Howaboutya?”

How are you how are you doing, especially in the North.

5. “She’s in bed with the doctor.”

Not what you think, just means the doctor has been called.

6. “Give it a lash lads”

Give it a shot, try your very best

7. “God between us and all harm.”

When you hear bad news.

8. “Hold your hour.”

Hang around, stay, usually uttered in a pub, hold your hour and have another.

9. ”A load of bollocks”

Nonsense, garbage.

10. “Acting the maggot."

Acting the fool or the idiot.