A teaser trailer for “The Hangover Part III”  has been released by Warner Bros and it seems to promise just as much chaotic fun as its predecessors.

The movie sees the men reunite after the death of Alan’s father (Jeffrey Tambor) and disaster proceeds to follow them as they meet John Goodman’s murderous villain and rejoin Ken Jeong as madman Mr. Chow.

According to the Huffington Post, Heather Graham and Mike Tyson also make reappearances and with “Bridesmaids” star Melissa McCarthy added to the mix, “The Hangover Part III promises to give its audience more than a few laughs.

The trio revisit Las Vegas but the film will not have the same plot format as its predecessors, screenrant.com reports.

Director Todd Phillips described the movie to ScreenRant as “a fitting end to this three-part opera of mayhem and bad decisions.”

“The Hangover Part III” will arrive in movie theatres on May 24 2013.

Here’s the trailer

A scene from The Hangover 2Google Images