After they were saved from another round of eliminations on this week’s Dancing with the Stars, Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus told that the secret to their success is a cup of tea at the end of each day.

When Grace was asked how the dancing duo like to unwind after a strenuous day of rehearsals, the CNN host said it was all down to tea.

“I know what we do, we have a cup of hot tea with skim (pointing to herself) and whole” (pointing to Macmanus).
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Irishman MacManus, who is enjoying new-found fame on his first season of DWTS, said that “tea is a great cure for everything”.

“Tea is a great comfort,” he added.

Paying tribute to their fans, Grace thanked everyone for voting and sparing them from elimination.

“I am very, very grateful, extremely grateful, there even aren’t words to describe how grateful I am and how thankful I am that friends and relatives from all over the country, viewers thought enough to vote for Tristan and myself.”

Now the only question is, are the pair Lyons or Barry’s tea fans, and did MacManus bring enough teabags with him from Ireland to keep them going until the end of the season?