Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres and Lady Gaga are among Forbes highest-paid female stars in entertainment. Oprah Winfrey was named as Hollywood's highest-paid female star, once again.

The TV star earned an estimated $165 million between May 2011 and May 2012 thanks to her now-defunct 'Oprah Winfrey Show', OWN TV network, satellite radio station, production company

Harpo and O magazine, figures compiled by Forbes magazine for their Richest Women in Entertainment list show.

Oprah's fortune is a staggering $107 million more than the second-placed star on the list, newest 'X Factor' judge Britney Spears, who generated $58 million in the time period, $1 million more than Taylor Swift, who was named in third place.

Rihanna and Ellen DeGeneres tied for fourth place, with each bringing in $53 million, with Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez tying just below them with earnings of $52 million.

Rounding out the list is supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Katy Perry and Judge Judy Sheindlin, who all raked in $45 million.

Despite her huge earnings, Forbes warned Oprah may not retain the top spot next year because of the changes in her creative endeavours.

The publication explained: "Her net worth, which we peg at $2.7 billion, will keep her on our 400 list for years to come, but this might be one of the last years she tops our highest-paid women list.

"Winfrey was still earning money from her syndicated show during the time frame we used for this list, but she shut it down in May 2011 (reruns went through the summer). She has yet to take a salary at OWN, so her sources of revenue are now the shows she produces through her Harpo production company, her satellite radio station and her magazine.

"But don’t cry for Winfrey — even though she’ll earn less than $165 million next year, she’ll still pull in enough to keep her on the list, even if she’s not at the top."
Forbes magazine's Richest Women in Entertainment:
1. Oprah Winfrey - $165 million
2. Britney Spears - $58 million
3. Taylor Swift - $57 million
4= Rihanna - $53 million
4= Ellen DeGeneres - $53 million
5 = Jennifer Lopez - $52 million
5 = Lady Gaga - $52 million
6 = Gisele Bundchen - $45 million
6= Katy Perry - $45 million
6 = Judge Judy Sheindlin - $45 million