Susan Boyle could make up to $10 million from her new album, according to Simon Cowell, who discovered her on "Britain's Got Talent."

 "I think your sister is wonderful and she could be the biggest star I've ever discovered," Cowell also told Gerry Boyle, Susan's brother, according to published reports.

Boyle has also become very close to Cowell. He calls her twice a week to keep her posted her on the plans to crack America. He also makes sure she is being taken care of, and not worked too hard.  They talk about how the album is coming together and he has assured Boyle she'll have a smash record.

Boyle can't believe her new life, according to her brother. "I can't believe how much my life has changed in the past few weeks. I am so happy and I never want it to end," she told him.

Boyle has also moved into a plush apartment in London's exclusive West Kensington neighborhood with her cat Pebbles, has been given a credit card for shopping and had her teeth whitened at Simon's insistence.

Cowell  has also given Boyle a personal assistant named Julia, and her media  is now being handled by Nicola Phillips, who previously worked for PR guru Max Clifford. 

Boyle is working long hours in the studio trying to get  her album perfect. Her album is being produced with the help of the legendary Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, the composer of "Cats."

Gerry Boyle says Cowell promised to look after his sister after she became an overnight sensation, and her history of nervousness became apparent. 

"If she doesn't want to go forward from 'Britain's Got Talent.' I will walk away now and there is no pressure. But if she does, I promise to wrap her in cotton wool and make her a star," Cowell told Gerry Boyle.

Elaine Paige has agreed to sing a duet on the album and she has been hanging out in the studio with Boyle, helping her handle the pressures of fame.