She might be the biggest star on earth right now but Susan Boyle knows where to head for Christmas.

She will be home in Scotland with her family says The Scotsman Newspaper .

Despite the plush flat in London and the American trip to boost her new album, Susan still clearly believes that home is where the heart is and she will be back there over the festive season.

Her brother James revealed the family is also planning a get-together at their sister Bridie's house in Motherwell, not far from Glasgow. He said it "will be really nice to spend the holidays together."

And what a celebration this holiday season will be for the Boyle family.

A year ago Susan Boyle was a complete unknown, but now she is the hottest star in the music business. She is being offered so many deals that Santa Claus won't need to show up this year with presents.

The woman who was often the butt of jokes in her hometown of Blackburn may now be Scotland's greatest asset when it comes to tourism.

If her album goes mega worldwide, expect a whole new tourism trail to Susan Boyle's Scotland. The wonder is it hasn't started to happen yet – but it will.

In the meantime, Susan can enjoy some festive cheer with her family. The Scots love to celebrate  New Year and her version of “Auld Lang Syne”  will no doubt ring out loud and clear in her hometown.