Susan Boyle fans are sure to be shocked and disgusted by supposed SuBo supporter Sharon Osbourne.

Osbourne cruelly made fun of Susan Boyle on “The Opie & Anthony Show” on Sirius XM Radio on Tuesday.

The “America’s Got Talent” judge said Boyle looks like a “slapped ass.”

In front of Boyle, Osbourne has behaved like a supporter. The judge blew the Scottish singer a kiss as she performed “Wild Horses” on “AGT,” and was reported to have been responsible for calming Boyle’s nerves and boosting her confidence before she took the stage.

But she has written unfavorable comments about the “Britain’s Got Talent” star in the past, and when asked by Opie and Anthony if she loved Susan Boyle, she answered: “I like everybody…even somebody who looks like a slapped ass. It’s like god bless her. You go girl. She does look like a hairy assh*le.

“She is a lovely lady. You just want to say ‘god bless’ and here’s a Gillette razor.”

Osbourne cackled throughout all of the nasty commentary on Susan, laughing through the hosts’ comments like: “I didn’t realize she had facial hair – I couldn’t get past the Gene Wilder wig.”

Opie and Anthony are the same shock jocks responsible for the “Sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral” stunt of 2002, when they encouraged and broadcasted a running account of a Virginia couple having sex in the famous church.

Ozzy Osbourne’s wife does admit that Boyle is talented, but follows it up with an insult, saying: “[God] gave her the talent. But he hit her with a f*cking ugly stick.”