The name is Boyle, Susan Boyle.

The Scottish star seems set to sing in the next James Bond movie, joining Sean Connery another famous Scottish star, to leave their mark on the James Bond franchise.

The producers of the new, as yet-unnamed Bond film, have approached Boyle to sing the title tune of the new movie, the 23rd Bond production, which is expected to be released in 2011.

Susan's fans have already joined in the effort. A full-fledged internet campaign is under way to have the Scottish songstress belt out the opening tune, like Shirley Bassey and other leading stars have done in the past. There may even be a bit acting part, according to reports.

Bond theme composer Monty Norman told the Sunday Express: "She has the right kind of sweeping voice."

Susan would be the second great Scottish star from the Glasgow to make her debut in Bond films. Sean Connery was the face and persona of James Bond for many years and made the role famous.