The Scottish singer will join other music superstars to record the REM hit single “Everybody Hurts.”

The project was Simon Cowell’s idea and he will produce the single. Paul McCartney and Coldplay are among the other contributors.

Boyle said she was pleased to be able to take part. "The Haiti earthquake has caused devastation and suffering that most of us will never experience nor could imagine,” she told the British paper The Sun.
"I feel privileged to be a part of such a wonderful project that will raise money to help the country."

She added: "I hope the single raises lots of money. It's great that we can come together and do this. It's a very special song."

Cowell has been working on the collaboration since Thursday. "I don't know who's available, but I will get a record out within seven to 10 days," he said then, according to NBC Los Angeles. By Friday, he had lined up Rod Stewart, Leona Lewis and others, and had approached Paul Mccartney, Coldplay and Robbie Williams. The addition of Susan is bound to boost potential sales even more.

Cowell said British Prime Minister Gordon Brown asked him to help with the project. The British government has agreed to waive VAT on the single, and REM, who own the rights to Everybody Hurts have waived royalties.

Speaking of “Everybody Hurts,” Michael Stipe of REM said: "The message is very simple, and very human, and that simplicity resonates with people. It points towards our fragility and our strength, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual."

Cowell is optimistic about the project. He told the BBC, “We are all working hard to make this single a success and to raise lots of money for Helping Haiti.”

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