Susan Boyle told Oprah she was never crazy - just exhausted - when she lost out at the grand final of "Britain's Got Talent."

Boyle, 48, who made her debut appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday (Tuesday)  told her host she “hadn’t eaten for about a week” before she had a mini breakdown.

“I hadn’t slept. The feeling was one of extreme exhaustion. It’s a chapter of my life that’s over with now,” said Boyle, who looked the part in a long structured ball gown and a nifty slicked back hair do.

The Scottish singer, who shot to stardom after being discovered on Britain’s Got Talent last year, told Oprah she “was born to do” what she does.

Boyle was hospitalized for a few days after the show ended causing a media frenzy. Several papers accused the singer of being crazy but yesterday Boyle said it was just sheer exhaustion from her workload that brought her down.

Boyle sang a song from her new album brining many of the audience members to tears.

In other news, bad girl Lady Gaga has expressed a keen interest in collaborating with Boyle at this years Brit Awards.

According to sources, Gaga is obsessed with the Scottish sensation.

“Lady Gaga is being lined up to headline this year’s Brits. “She’s expected to be up for three awards so is planning a killer performance.

“When she heard Susan was also in talks to perform, she made it her mission for them to perform together.

“She always likes to shock and knows a performance with Susan Boyle would be a huge international story.

“Not only that but she genuinely loves her. Like the rest of the world she thinks her story is amazing,” said the source.

Susan Boyle: Scottish superstar sings 'Who I Was Born To Be'