Scottish superstar Susan Boyle is channelling her inner Mike Tyson and has taken up boxing to take on Amanda Holden and The Priests!

At least, that's my explanation after findng out that Susan's started boxing in her hometown of Blackburn.

Susan says she's laced up the boxing gloves to ease the stress and release some tension ahead of the launch of her debut album “I Dreamed a Dream” on November 24.

A source close to Boyle says it's not easy being the biggest star in the world in 2009.

“Susan has been pretty stressed out by the whole worldwide fame thing and needed something to get her head straight," said the insider.

"She was taken to a boxing gym and loved it. She put on the gloves and the boots and did some working out on a punch bag. She is a boxing fan but had never tried it before."

The source went on to say that “Eye of the Tiger” was a favorite of Susan’s.

This latest Subo news is great for fans. She has decided to come out fighting against the begrudgers and those who stand in her way.

No longer will she let the intense global spotlight blind her. Instead she is using boxing to give her the confidence to step into that limelight and own it.

The cover of Susan’s album seems to reflect this newfound sense of confidence. Boyle looks happy and composed, like a woman who has accepted that she is now a worldwide star and is beginning to feel comfortable in that skin.

Boxers, of course, normally zoom in on their opponents in order to focus their intensity on the task at hand.  If Susan has been working the bags in her local gym, who might she be thinking of when she cracks out a few combinations?

Here is the Buzz breakdown on Susan’s boxing bag thoughts:

The begrudger: Amanda Holden

She’s blond, younger and has dissed Susan in the past. Instead of letting all that stress get to her, Susan is working and dancing to get into the type of rip roaring shape that will see her have the last laugh on all those who doubted her heart or her strength.

The opposition: The Priests

Now obviously we all know Subo and the Priests would never get it on in the squared circle, it wouldn't be the Christian thing to do now, would it? Also, three against one is hardly fair is it?  However, there is only one day between the release of their respective albums, so Susan needs her stamina to compete with the three pronged attack from the Holy Joes

Whatever the motivation, Susan’s decision to take up boxing proves that she is preparing herself in every way for the busy months ahead. Expect a lean mean singing machine come November 24, fit and ready to topple that charts and meet every challenge head on. You go girl!