Susan Boyle never expected to be a YouTube phenomenon. She didn’t know what YouTube was – until she was on it. “I didn’t know what YouTube was until I was in the record offices and saw the clip and the number of hits and thought, oh my God,” she told OK! magazine. “I’m still trying to come to terms with it,” she added.

Boyle also said she still finds it difficult being recognized when she goes out in public. But she truly values her fans. “The fans have been amazing and the mail I have received has just been phenomenal,” she told OK!

She added, “I have been sent beautiful gifts including books, toiletries and a vintage dress from the ’50s that had been in a family for generations and they wanted me to have it.

“It’s indescribable that someone would want me to have something so precious. Everyone has shown me such kindness and support. I’ve even had offers of dates!”

Although her character is the same, there have been some changes.

“The wee wifey with the bottle of Flash doing her cleaning? She’s gone now,” she said in a comment that seems almost sad.

But she continued, "My story is what you see is what you get. There’s no airs and graces with me.”

It looks like life has some more changes in store for Susan. She currently lives in the council house she grew up in. She had a shock on Christmas night, when, at 11pm, she spotted two intruders in her garden. When she pulled back the curtain, they disappeared, but the experience frightened her.

She may soon move to a much larger property with better security worth about $1.5 million, reports say. It will certainly be more suited to her new found fame.