Attention Susan Boyle fans: A new interview and samples from the amazing Scottish songstress’ tracks off her upcoming album “I Dreamed A Dream” are now available on

Boyle, who has topped Amazon’s pre-sales charts, beating out the likes of Whitney Houston and Bruce Springsteen, can be heard singing the highly anticipated covers off of her debut album.

About 30 seconds of each of the 12 songs is available here.

In a new interview that is also now available on Amazon, Susan speaks poignantly of her mother's death in 2007 and its effect on her. She says how she "found herself crying a lot, not able to manage, not able to cope.”

Her Irish mother Bridget died aged 92 after Susan had nursed her for a many years. Susan speaking frankly of that period is part of a new video on released to coincide with the last years of her life.

But Susan says that her mother's death also forced her to "Do something with my life" which is what her mother had wanted. She has said she carried her mother's spirit with her from that moment on. 

Susan is also forthright about her time in a clinic recovering from exhaustion after the final of “Britain's Got Talent.”

"I went from no pressure to pressure . All this pressure I found it suffocating,” she says. "I was tired."

She also says she feels she is no longer the lonely woman on the outside looking in now that she has become a worldwide sensation.

"I used to be a spectator, looking out at the world,” she says. “Now I embrace it, I am more confident, I get on with it.”