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Susan Boyle has joined forces with Ossie Kilkenny, who will look after her financial affairs as she prepares to take the world by storm.

The 62-year-old Irish accountant, who was instrumental in building U2's financial empire, has also worked with the likes of Van Morrison, Oasis Bjork and the Verve.

The two held a meeting - which was organized by Susan’s niece, London entertainment lawyer Kirsty Foy - in May when Kilkenny went to Boyle’s hometown of Blackburn to meet the singer and her family.

The 48-year-old singer, who came second in Britain’s Got Talent, now has the dream team of Simon Cowell to release her record and Kilkenny to manage her finances as she embarks on her singing career.

A source close to Syco records, Cowell’s label, told the Mirror newspaper that Boyle and Kilkenny met again on Friday.

“Susan wants to work with Simon, but she and her family have also chosen to bring in Ossie Kilkenny as manager. So the record will be with Simon’s label, but Ossie will look after her management.”

It is understood that Boyle, who checked out of the Priory Clinic where she was treated for exhaustion, returned home yesterday and will take part in the Britain’s Got Talent tour before going into the studio to make her first record.