Susan Boyle has spoken publicly for the first time about the terrifying moment that she discovered an intruder in her home.

The incident, which took place three months ago, "scared the living daylights" out of her, she said.

"When I was coming home from my friends I opened the front door and the guy just came down the stairs and brushed past me.

"That scared the living daylights out of me and I don’t know how the hell he got in yet."

"But there was no question about it, my security was ok. It was just that particular night, it was a bad night."

Susan loyally refused to blame the Simon Cowell management team for the security lapse.

"Things have been put in place by my management team and they have been really good.

"I’ve got no complaints about them whatsoever. They do protect me. They do look after me – despite the bad publicity.'

"I’m getting all the care I need, all the protection I need and I am very happy with them.

"And the boy that broke into my house has since been caught by the police."