Susan Boyle has finally landed on American shores.

The artist sometimes known as SuBo made an incredibly impressive entrance at LAX airport with fans screaming and television cameras everywhere.

Boyle, looking poised and confident, stated she was surprised at the extraordinary reception she received.

She is in the U.S. for Wednesday night's final of “America's Got Talent” in a move NBC hopes will lead to a major surge in the ratings.

According to Scottish TV she is expected to sing “Wild Horses” on the show, the Rolling Stones anthem she has decided to sing on her upcoming debit album.

While in Los Angeles, Susan will huddle with her American team to decide on her schedule here once the record is released around Thanksgiving.

With a massive fan base, Boyle is expected to fill large venues all over the U.S. “She's the next Celine Dion,” said one of her handlers.

On the schedule may well be Radio City Music Hall, as well as a Las Vegas casino, to belt out her already bestselling CD.

Meanwhile, friends are stating that Boyle is poised and ready for her moment in the spotlight, and will not be under any pressure this time.

“Fame hit her so suddenly it was difficult for her to adjust but she has made that adjustment,” said one. “She is the real deal now and America is going to see that.”