I've seen starstruck fans in my time, but the hundreds of Susan Boyle fans who crammed into the Rock restaurant at Rockefeller Center after her NBC performance this morning beat the best of them.

Unfortunately I got there late because of the crowds and missed the beginning of the event.

Dressed in their red outfits and carrying Susan CDs and scarves, the fans gave a hero's welcome to the Scottish star as she entered the restaurant and sat down for breakfast with them.

Around a circular table she was presented with the quilt which was lovingly stitched and patched together by fans from all over the country.

She seemed overwhelmed with the gift and at one point I think wiped a tear from her eye. 

It was certainly a wonderful way to show her how much her American fan base adores her.

She is smaller and younger-looking in person, but carried herself with confidence and class throughout. She has clearly come to be far more at ease with her fame and bantered with her fans.

Her debut album will certainly up that fame into the stratosphere.

At one point she even did her famous swivel for her fans and gave every appearance of loving the interaction between them and her.

She kissed a Scottish gentleman bedecked in a kilt and was completely relaxed and at ease. 

Many had traveled from all over the country to be with her and she took time and was incredibly gracious with them all.

Afterwards as the fans piled out, an area was set aside for a Susan photograph with the fans. They all gathered together in a sea of red with Susan in the middle to make a wonderful souvenir photograph of a special occasion.

I also had a brief moment to shake her hand and congratulate her on her extraordinary success.

It was quite a moment.