A "plain-looking spinster" is how WomansDay.com described Susan Boyle this week.

If that were a men's magazine I'm sure the female population would be outraged at such a description. Whatever happened to beauty being skin deep?

What is it with some women and Susan Boyle? Take Amanda Holden for one. She can hardly hide her envy that Susan has far outshone her since she was one of the judges for “Britain's Got Talent” and her
subsequent U.S. career has begun to slump.

She has made critical comments disguised as faint praise about Boyle ever since. It is clear this lady is living out a personal nightmare that someone is far more appreciated and accepted in America than she

Then there was British pop star Lily Allen. Apparently Lily thinks Susan is “overrated.” After watching Boyle perform “Cats” on the show, Lily took to her Twitter, writing, “I thought her timing was off on
Sunday - no control, and I don’t think she has an amazing voice.”

Bitch, bitch. And now there is WomansDay.com, one of the largest women's Web sites, making snide comments. It’s enough to make this male wonder if Susan hasn't created a jolly green monster of envy all by herself among the fairer sex.

The Woman's Day writer Barbara Brody seems blissfully unaware that anyone might take offense at such a description of Boyle, though I'm sure when she reads the comments to her article she will realize what an error she has made.

In fairness to her the article itself is laudatory but the “plain looking spinster” line really grates.

Well let's see: if we described a leading male performer around her age as a "balding bachelor" before even discussing that performer's talents I think we males would be right to be annoyed.

It seems women on women can't help that kind of stuff sometimes. Susan Boyle has myriads of female fans who see her life struggles reflected in their own lives and back her to the hilt.

There are other women, however, who have never really accepted that beauty is only skin deep and continue to criticize anyone who does not live up to the Hollywood standard.

Shame on them is what I say. If ever there was a performer with beauty within it is Susan Boyle.