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Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle missed another gig on the BGT tour in Liverpool last night amid reports that she got stressed out because she needed to be with her cat Pebbles.

The 48-year-old chanteuse has already spent five days in London’s’ Priory clinic being treated for exhaustion before starting the BGT live tour, and she had to skip on a gig last Sunday on the advice of her medical counsel.

Boyle’s inability to keep a steady tour schedule popped up again last night when she was unable to perform in Liverpool.The Daily Mirror in England reported a witness at her hotel claiming the Scottish superstar was in some distress and  “kept shouting “I want my cat. I need my Pebbles.’ I think people felt sorry and she was clearly unhappy."

A spokesman for Boyle did not corroborate this version of events by saying,”She’s just tired. She has gone for a sleep and a bit of rest."

The attention of the world being thrust on someone in such a short space of time is bound to have a stressful effect, so here’s hoping that Boyle’s people and the BGT tour organizers can provide her with the best support possible during this stressful/tiring time.

However, Susan certainly seems to be getting some sound financial advice (maybe from Ossie Kilkenny? – see link above) as she now charges £100,000 per private performance for a 12-minute set. That works out at about $164,533.63, or $13,712, give or take, per minute’s work. Not bad work if you can get it, and certainly worth a few sleepless nights!