English musical theater actress Elaine Paige says Susan Boyle is just like Evita.

Paige, 61, who played Eva Peron in the original production of “Evita” on London’s West End in 1978, says the Scottish singing star’s rags-to-riches story reminds her of the legendary Argentine political leader.

The singer and actress also revealed she sees a lot of herself in Susan.

"I found it rather emotional, a rags to riches kind of story - a bit like Evita herself,” Paige told Yours magazine.

“But it was more than that.

"I felt I knew what Susan was going through, the full horror of it all. You could see it in her eyes.

"I hadn't been very confident when ‘Evita’ changed my world but I was a professional."

Incidentally, during her “Britain’s Got Talent” audition, Boyle said that Elaine Paige is her idol.

The two songstresses eventually got to meet while visiting the U.S., and Paige says she is now confident that Boyle is on the way to lasting success.

“Susan's learning fast - she's got over the initial shock,” Paige said. “Yes, she still seems quite vulnerable but there's a streak of Scottish grit beneath the surface.

"And she's got a good team around her. So let's hope they continue to protect and look after her. I wish her great success."