What started as an incredible performance on “Britain’s Got Talent” has turned into a 100 million-hit YouTube video, a tabloid frenzy and most recently, a “South Park” shout-out and a Corrigan Brothers song.

Singing sensation Susan Boyle continues to shoot to stardom on television and the World Wide Web – though perhaps not in the way she hoped.

Boyle blew audiences away with her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Miserables” on the British talent show, but focus has shifted from praise to parody, mainly focused on Boyle’s homely looks and solitary personal life.

The Scottish singer, whose parents are from Ireland, is now being dubbed the “Hairy Angel,” and her name is popping up everywhere.

In this week’s episode of Comedy Central’s “South Park,” the controversial American cult cartoon, Boyle is given a shout-out, albeit a negative one, from one of the characters.

Cartman and several other characters decide to run away from home and become pirates in Somalia.

Kyle’s little brother, Ike, writes a farewell letter to his parents, blaming his actions on Susan Boyle.

“Dear Mommy and Daddy,” Ike writes. “I am running away. I am sorry but I can no longer handle the monotony of middle class life.

“Everyone at school is a f*****g idiot and if one more person talked to me about that Susan Boyle performance of Les Miserables I was going to puke my balls out through my mouth.

“I love you all - but I have to move on. I’m going to Somalia to be a pirate.”

“South Park” is known for parodying only the most famous and controversial stars, including Tom Cruise and Britney Spears. Boyle now joins the ranks of them, and others such as Michael Jackson, in being mocked on the show.

Also raising her profile in a teasing sort of way are The Corrigan Brothers, who gave us the unforgettable tune, “No One as Irish as Barack O’Bama.” The Irish singing group has now graced us with another sure-to-be Internet sensation: “There’s No One as Irish as Susan Boyle.”

Dubbing Boyle the “Celtic Queen,” the Brothers’ new YouTube video tells us about Boyle’s Irish roots, mentioning her ties to “beautiful Mayo,” and describing how “Ireland’s got talent with our Susan Boyle.”

The song is set to a slideshow and a montage of doctored clips, where we see Susan Boyle suggestively swinging her hips during the chorus, and devouring a sandwich when the Brothers mention “Mayo.”

Part Boyle's attraction is that she is such an unlikely candidate for stardom. The learning disabled woman told TV viewers she has "never been kissed" and has lived alone with her cat since her mother Bridget died in 2007. Her social life revolves around her church and her family, and she frequents karaoke nights at her local pub.

Boyle’s local priest Father Basil Clark said, "When she gets up to sing it can either be wonderful or you can get the unpredictable eccentric behavior, but it is to do with the fact that she has learning difficulties.

"In a sense, there is a beautiful voice trapped in this damaged body.”

Boyle has just gotten a makeover and dyed her hair brown, which is sure to cause a renewed frenzy in the press and the public.