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Extremely successful reality TV producer Mark Burnett has come up with TV gold including “Survivor,” “The Bachelor” and “The Apprentice.” His newest reality show is called “Wedding Day,” where the cast and crew build a deserving couple, including a traditional Irish bride and groom, the wedding of their dreams.

Burnett himself has no need to be on the TNT show; he’s already happily married to talented Irish actress Roma Downey, but he’s proud of his newest endeavor, which went to so far as to build an Irish couple a replica of a traditional Irish chapel.

He talked to SheKnows about what makes his wedding show stand out from the rest. “It’s a heartwarming show; haven’t spoken to anybody who hasn’t felt a little moistness around the eyes, a lump in your throat when you watch these stories,” he said.

“Wedding Day” is no “Bridezilla” – couples on the show are modest, hard-working people who expect no extravagance on their special day.

“No request was too big…when you’re dealing with real working people, they’re not the kind of people who are going to make some crazy request,” Burnett said.

But that doesn’t mean the creators of “Wedding Day” won’t deliver some amazing, over-the-top wedding perks, particularly for a couple enthusiastic about their Irish heritage.

Burnett said: “We got one bride who said, you know, we’re an Irish family and we respect the old Irish music and the themes of old Ireland and I’d like some Irish theme.

“Totally out of left field, you know, but you know what? We built a totally old Irish chapel for them to get married in.”

With “Wedding Day,” Burnett joins his wife, Downey, spokesperson for children’s charity Operation Smile, in using his fame and influence to do good in the world.

The show has provided dream weddings for a bride who was in a near-fatal car crash, two Army captains who were shipped to Iraq and a couple overwhelmed with medical bills.

“It’s these stories of people who’ve done so much for others, whether it’s their job as a cop or the military or teaching, or with charities and that kind of thing, and now they want to get married, it’s their big day -- but they can’t afford a beautiful wedding,” Burnett said.

“And it’s ironic, you know, how much they’ve done for others and now, now I’m giving to them.”

"Wedding Day" premieres on TNT on Tuesday, June 16