The Pussycat Doll front woman walked away with the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy on Tuesday night while Erin Andrews and her partner Maks Chmerkovskiy were knocked out early on in the two hour finale special.

Nicole and her partner Derek Hough bested Olympic figure skater Evan Lysack and his partner in the finale of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

The evening began on an upbeat note for Erin and Maks. On Monday night they received their highest amount of votes from the judges for the sizzling samba and their raunchy contemporary interpretive pieces.

On Monday they were ranked in tied first place with Nicole and Derek but the “Judges Ranking Dance” knocked them out of the running.

Just the recap of preparation for the dance it was clear that Maks patience was running low as Erin, of course, was over thinking their choice of the tango for their “Judges Ranking Dance.”

He said “I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m beat up, I’m finished.” Having viewed the clips Tom Bergeron joked “I give that relationship an hour and forty minutes.” (Meaning until the end of the show.)

Their performance was spectacular and Erin who had been scared of the jumps and catches in the past jumped from the stage to land on Maks shoulders.

The judge’s role in this round was not to mark the couples as they normally would, instead they ranked the couples from one to three.

Carrie Ann said “You are not making this easy.” While Len couldn’t believe what he had seen. He said “In ten seasons judging these three tangos is the hardest job we’ve had.”

Len said that Erin had arrived to this point in the competition entirely on her own merit but said that Maks had also done an excellent job.

“I think you have come the furthest of everybody in the competition,” he said.

In Bruno’s usual over dramatic style he described Erin as sexy man eater, sophisticated and spectacular. He also commented on her amazing growth during the season.

He said that she had improved not just her technique but your focus.

In usual high spirits the pair patted Tom Bergeron on the behind for good luck before running to join the other finalists.

Unfortunately, Erin and Maks were ranked in last place with just 26 points out of 30. The judges votes were combined with the publics and Erin and Maks were kicked off the show.

Erin was visibly shaken by the news but was clearly happy to get this far in the competition.

“This experience has meant everything to me. I came here under very difficult circumstances. I wanted to get my smile back and be myself,” she said. She was referring to her recent horrific situation and the jailing of her stalker.

Maks said “I feel like we’ve won, I certainly have.”

Looking back over their experience on the show the pair clearly became emotional. Erin said of Maks “He brought me back to life. I was out of it when I here.”

Maks was also touched and said “I made the finals the second I saw you happy in dance class.”

The grand finale two-hour show saw the other competitors return for the special show including Pam Anderson, Niecy Nash, Jake Pavelka and Kate Gosselin. Chad Ochocinco was supposed to perform but he had injured himself on the football field.

Erin, Maks, Nicole, Derek, Evan and Anna, the final three couples will all appear on Wednesday morning’s ABC “Good Morning America”.