Last week Coco Rocha used her award wining Irish dancing skills to pick up some extra cash for one of her many pet charities.

The Irish Canadian supermodel promised the crowds at the ArtWalk auction that she would entertainment them with her Irish dance skills. As the checks continued to land she keep her end of the bargain.
Rocha, who opened this year’s New York Fashion Week, is the face of Karl Lagerfeld, Jacob and was named Elle’s model of the year kicked off her shoes and danced. (see video below).
Coco grew up in British Columbia with her mother from Belfast and her father who was half Irish. She had quite a traditional Irish upbringing. In fact her modeling career kicked off in 2002 when she was discovered by her agent Charles Stuart. He spotted her when she was just 14, dancing at an Irish Dancing contest.
She said “if it wasn’t for Irish dancing I wouldn't be modeling.”
Here’s the video of her dancing for charity last week:

Coco Rocha's Irish Jig at Art Walk 2011 from Coco Rocha on Vimeo.