She’s rich enough to call a taxicab at least, but Susan Boyle still takes the bus when she wants to go shopping.

According to a British paper, the Daily Record, Boyle yesterday left her house in Blackburn in the north of England to make a trip to the shops. She was suitably dressed for the dismal UK weather, sporting a raincoat and black trousers, and a Burberry scarf.

Boyle chatted to locals at a primary school and popped into a supermarket, before catching a bus to the High Street, the report revealed. She posed for photographs with well-wishers, before doing her shopping and returning with a bag-full of purchases

UK readers appreciated Boyle’s simple lifestyle. “Nice to think fame hasn’t changed you, Susan,” one commentator said. Another reader praised her for taking the time to meet her fans.

Boyle is taking to the stage again tomorrow night on the  UK talent show, X-factor, to promote her new single "Wild Horses," and her album "I Dreamed a Dream." The album does not officially come out till November 23rd, but through pre-orders it is already a number 1 bestseller on