A few years ago, an Irish photographer captured a stunning image of a fireball in the sky in Donegal.

Brendan O’Neill and his friend took the image at the famous The Great Pollet Arch which is located on the The Fanad Peninsula on the northern tip of Ireland.

Posting on his official Facebook page Brendan O’Neill explained how he captured the image.

“Myself and Bryan Hanna went to The Great Pollet Arch in Donegal last night, when we got there at stupid o’clock it was -1c and pitch black, we made our way down to the arch and traversed the very slippy rocks to the arch... it was so dark and the tide was coming in very fast. We did not feel safe at this location as we were unsure if the tide would come in around the back of us leaving us stranded :-( we both decided to get the shot and get out fast! It took us seven minutes to fire of a few exposures and get out.... a record time for any landscape photographer!”

“During the my third and final exposure we witnessed this massive fireball streak across the sky in front of us (Something I will never forget) It was just plain luck that we were both in the middle of an exposure and we both caught this incredible fireball in frame! Something never to be repeated at this location!”

A landscape photographer, Brendan O’Neill began shooting in June 2011.

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Here's O'Neill's full size image:

*Originally published in 2013.