“I don’t like Golden Retrievers, I don’t get it,” says Michael Shannon whilst donning a bunny rabbit knitted hat. Shannon, the star of the recent film ‘Take Cover’ and HBO’s mega hit ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ recently made an appearance on MTV’s ‘Adorable Things.’

The Huffington Post comments on Shannon and his “almost incomprehensible adorableness” noting that his roles in ‘Take Shelter’ and ‘Boardwalk Empire’ only highlight the actor’s superior cuteness factor.
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Being interviewed by host Josh Horowitz, Michael Shannon chats nearly monotonously about all things cute - including puppies, Krypton and kissing Rachel McAdams.

In what is (hopefully) supposed to be a hilarious joke, the video succeeds in drawing awkward chuckles. Below, catch the heart-warming video of Shannon and try not to melt!