Stephen Gately’s family have once again stressed that their son died of natural causes, as British tabloids claim the Irish singer was highly intoxicated on the night of his death.

The Boyzone singer was found slumped on a couch on October 10 by his husband Andrew Cowles at their holiday apartment in Majorca, Spain.

British tabloid "The News of the World” is reporting that testimony from Cowles given to a Spanish magistrate two days after Gately died says that the Irishman had drunk two bottles of wine and smoked a joint on the night of his death.

Autopsy results revealed that the 33-year-old Dubliner died of pulmonary oedema, which is a buildup of fluid in the lungs.

Pulmonary oedema can be caused by an underlying heart condition, and it was later revealed that Gatley's father’s side of the family suffered from the type of heart ailment that can cause the oedema.

A spokesperson for Gately’s heartbroken family said that Stephen was in a "celebratory mood" on the night of his death because his life was going well.

The boy band star was in the midst of recording a new Boyzone album, and had a children's book coming out that was that was sure to be a top-seller in Ireland and Britain.

Though the family recognizes that Gately was drinking on the night he died, they say they are "not interested" in rumors that alcohol and drugs contributed to his sudden death.