Stephen Colbert consulted a magic goose on his show, "The Colbert Report" to decide on whether or not he will hold his own Glenn Beck style rally: a "Restoring Truthiness" gathering.

Glenn Beck held a rally in Washington D.C, two weeks ago, calling it a "Restoring Honor" rally. Beck said that 1.7 million people turned up. The press reported about 87,000 people attended.

So far Colbert has had 30,000 fans sign a petition for him to hold his "Restoring Truthiness" gathering.

The reason that Colbert consulted a goose was because during Beck's rally a flock of geese flew over the crowd. Beck called it a "miracle" and said it was "God's flyover". Colbert also pointed out that birds tend to take flight when tens of thousands of people applaud and shout.

Colbert called his bird, his "God Goose" and then went on to consult a glass of Grey Goose vodka. He still hasn't been able to make a decision on whether his gathering will go ahead.