Stephen Colbert mocked Bill O’Reilly and conservative politicians for turning the late Ronald Reagan into a hypothetical super hero who would have stopped Syria’s Assad from using chemical weapons, repealed Obamacare, and reversed most of the decisions he made while he was actually president.
The host of “The Colbert Report” ran clips of O’Reilly describing a no-nonsense Reagan, who would have threatened that Assad would  “pay a price” if he used chemical weapons on his own people. In O’Reilly’s scenario, had Assad ignored the ultimatum, “Reagan would have gone right in.”
Colbert, whose arch-conservative TV persona lampoons O’Reilly and his ilk, said that “we conservatives have an uncanny ability” to know what Reagan would have done “at any given time.” But, he pointed out, the conservatives’ Reagan is not the president who actually served in the 1980s – the one who didn’t react when Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against Iraq and the Kurds.
Their Reagan is a hypothetical, contemporary Super Reagan, said Colbert  – one who never raised taxes, never tripled the deficit, and single-handedly knocked down the Berlin Wall using one of his private parts. The video was posted on the Huffington Post.
He noted that for O’Reilly and the conservatives, Super Reagan is the hero of their “fan fiction foreign policy.” Colbert used action figures to demonstrate his point, casting Reagan as Spiderman, Assad as the Joker, and substituting Jurassic Park for the chemical weapons.
The clip is hilarious, especially at 1:32, when Colbert breaks character and gets a case of the giggles.