In a sketch directed by “Cowboys and Aliens” director Jon Fauvre for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ Harrison Ford took a stab at an old “Star Wars” friend, Chewbacca.

Ford made an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ to promote his new film “Cowboys and Aliens”on Wednesday night, and it was then that his old hairy friend stopped by his dressing room.

The reunion turned ugly when an upset Harrison Ford got on his feet and yelled at his apologetic visitor saying:

“You think you can walk in here and say you’re sorry after what you did? I'm done with that 'Star Wars' crap and I'm done with you!"

Apparently Chewbacca had an affair with the actors wife, which sent Harrison into a fury and he kicked his once partner in crime out of the dressing room saying:

"I’m in Cowboys and Aliens.’ Daniel Craig's my Wookiee b***h now! Get the hell out."

There’s no telling whether the pair will reconcile after the argument but it made for a side-splitting clip. Watch the hilarious sketch below:.
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