Damian McGinty has taken to Twitter recently to drop some hints about the exciting upcoming conclusion of season three of the FOX hit ‘Glee.’ With the Glee-kids all being seniors in high school this season, the remaining episodes are sure to be chock full of prom, graduation and plans for the future.

“Today, I am attending my first ever prom. :)” tweeted Derry native Damian McGinty (@DamianMcGinty) this past Monday. During the week, he followed up with a “Prom day 2...dancing day 2” tweet.

While we don’t know details about the prom episode yet which is only just being filmed, we’ve heard rumors that One Direction will be included in the musical stylings for the evening. Their new hit song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ is believed to be included on that episode.

Derry native Damian McGinty secured a seven-show run on ‘Glee’ after he became to co-champion of ‘The Glee Project’ last summer. Audiences responded well to McGinty’s Irish foreign exchange student character of Rory Flanagan, despite being stereotypically tilted as a leprechaun on the show. McGinty is now, evidently, continuing filming for with ‘Glee,’ though no one is sure for how long.

Which begs the question - did McGinty’s tweet this week “Uncertainty is a huge part of life, we have to face it straight on. But it ain't easy. At all.” reference his still uncertain future with ‘Glee’?

A backstory has begun to be set up that could provide for easy exit for McGinty on the show, as his character - a small one in the grand scheme - may actually have to be deported back to Ireland. But matters are complicated since Rory Flanagan is inching toward becoming romantically involved with Sugar (Vanessa Lengies).

For now though, we’re happy to see that Damian McGinty is continuing onward filming, and equally as happy to see he’s getting a small taste of an American prom!

What do you think Rory Flanagan’s outfit will look like for prom? Will he be decked out in green or go a more classic route?

We’ve still got a while before the prom episode actually airs since it’s only just filming now, but make sure to check out the promo for next week’s return of ‘Glee’:

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