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Good reviews on Broadway, who needs them? Apparently, everyone. Good or bad critical buzz can still make or break a production, even when it's funded to the tune of $65 million.

News reports this week claim that 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' just isn't doing great business.

Critics are swearing that the beleaguered musical now has no chance of recouping its cost on Broadway, never mind earning a profit.

The costs of the technical marvel started sky rocketing early on but director and co-author Julie Taymor wasn't going to let a thing like bother her, when you recall that 'Lion King' has taken in more than $4 billion at the global box office, and its still up and running

But it's estimated that $1.1 million to $1.2 million is an accurate estimate of Spider-man's weekly running costs.

According to figures released each week by the Broadway League, the show has been taking in $1.4 million, or about 75 percent of its potential sales.

But to be a sure fire hit, the show needs to sell every seat in the 1,930-seat Foxwoods Theatre at every performance - and that's juts not happening.

After operating $1.1 million in running costs are subtracted from the weekly operating costs, the producers net 160,000 per week.

But then forty percent of that goes to the creative team (and others) leaving about $100,000 for divvying up among the investors.

At that rate the show will have to run for 650 weeks - or 12-plus years - before finally turning a profit.

Read more: U2’s ‘Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark’ to undergo rewrite

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