‘Spider-Man, Turn off the Dark’ the musical and brain child of Bono and the Edge from U2  is back on and due to open on Broadway this fall.

The musical, the most expensive in the history of the Great White Way ,was originally set to preview at the Hilton Theater on February 25 and open in March, but is has been besieged by financial problems.

However, Bono’ s business associate, Michael Cohl, has taken over from David Garfinkle and has procured the necessary finds from Disney to get the ball rolling again.

Bono and along The Edge penned the music and lyrics for the Broadway musical, and it was the U2 lead singer who came up with the title, which was inspired by a story Bono heard of a child who would ask his father to "Turn off the dark" instead of "Turn on the light."

Alan Cumming, who was originally cast to portray the Green Goblin, is still keen to play the role and Reeve Carney will play the lead role.

The news of the revival of the musical comes as plans for the fourth installment of the movie franchise have been delayed after director Sam Raimi and actor Tobey Maguire pulled out of the project.

"Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark"