READ MORE: U2 warned over ‘Spider-Man’ mistake

After a frightening accident that could have paralyzed or even killed him, Broadway actor Christopher Tierney has been given the go ahead to return to the controversial show "Spider-Man:Turn Off the Dark."

The Irish-American thrill seeker was seriously injured in December of last year after a final stunt went horribly wrong, sending him careening almost forty feet into the orchestral pit.

Though the show has been revamped multiple times since the accident, cast member complaints over safety and other issues have seen the production making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Tierney’s recovery may be a glimmer of hope for the criticized production.

According to the Hearld, Michael Cohl who is producing the show – with the musical help of U2's Bono and The Edge – stated that Tierney is in miraculous health, adding "(the doctors have) taken the bolts and the nuts and everything out." 

Health problems are not the only issue at stake for the production, as the Herald estimates it cost 65 million dollars to produce, perpetuating uncertainty and guaranteeing hiatus. Though no comment was immediately available from Tierney himself, his father confirmed to the New York Times that he is willing and able to return to the show. The only question remaining is if Cohl and crew can get it up and running without any more complications.


Spider-Man has been saved!