I'm normally a fan of South Park but this is going way overboard.

As a big fan of the "Sex and the City" star, Sarah Jessica Parker, I really do think she was treated unfairly by South Park creators.

In a segment called, The Tale of Scrotie McBogger, the characters refer to the actress as "ugly" and a "transvestite donkey witch"

In the episode, which also pokes fun at reality TV sisters the Kardashians, the characters write a disgusting book after their teacher makes them read JD Salinger's novel "Catcher in the Rye."

The book mentions Sarah Jessica Parker's name 465 times and each time a character reads it they vomit.

South Park fans thought it was genius.

Parker's husband, Matthew Broderick defended his wife.

"Obviously, I just think it's wrong to make fun of anybody's physical appearance. My wife is a beautiful woman and I know most people agree with me," he said.
I agree Matthew.