Heading to Atlanta this weekend for the Peach State Feis or Edison for the Shea-Jennings School Feis? Wisconsin for the Wisconsin Spring Feis or Connecticut for the Lynn Academy Spring Feis? Or maybe you’re traveling to Canada for the Victoria Feis or Forest City Feis.

No matter your competitive destination this weekend, we want to share four tunes you should add to your own playlist before lacing up and taking the stage. Best of luck to all competitors. And be sure to come back here and share your results!  

“You’ve Got the Love” – Florence + the Machine
Play this on the ride to competition while thinking about how much you love to dance.

“Shine A Little Love” – Electric Light Orchestra
Not feeling the love just yet? You will after this upbeat song.

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“Say” – John Mayer
Take away frustrations from past competitions and play this while stretching.
“Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” – Srillex
Play this before going on stage to shoo those scary nerves away.