Heading to California this weekend for the Maitiu OMaoileidigh Southern CA Summer Feis or the Silicon Valley Feis? How about Maine for the Maine State Feis? Or Ontario for the St. Catharines Feis?

No matter your competitive destination this weekend, we want to share four tunes you should add to your own playlist before lacing up and taking the stage. Best of luck to all competitors. And be sure to come back here and share your results!

“Stand” – Rascal Flatts
You’re a strong dancer—and athlete. This song will remind you of that.

“With My Own Two Hands” – Ben Harper
You’ll move everyone with your own two (turned out!) feet this weekend.

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“You’re The Best” – Joe Esposito
Well you are, aren’t you?

“Jumping All Over The World” – Scooter
This will make you feel like the world champ you strive to be.

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