Heading to Atlantic City this weekend for the Lynn Academy Feis or Milwaukee for the Milwaukee Feis and McMenamin Academy Feis? How about New York for the Feis at the Falls or California for the Comortas an Chosta Oir? Massachusetts for the McInerney School Feis? Or maybe Delaware for the Irish Culture Club of Delaware Feis?

No matter your competitive destination this weekend, we want to share four tunes you should add to your own playlist before lacing up and taking the stage. Best of luck to all competitors. And be sure to come back here and share your results!

“Lido Shuffle” – Boz Scaggs
The beat will get your feet ready to shuffle, er treble.

“Left Too Late” – Florrie
A perfect song to stretch to.

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“Lonely Boy” – The Black Keys
You’ll never be lonely when there’s music to dance to.

“Time Stand Still” – Rush
Take a minute to look around and absorb all the awesome energy at the feis.

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