The Irish are known but being humble and shy but frankly sometimes this spills into a terrible lack of self-confidence. Sometimes we forget to look around and realize why we should be “Proud to be in Ireland.”

These lovely students, from SEDA English Language School, put us all in our place.

Enough to make any Irish person blush I’d say!

The video shows amazing footage from St. Stephen’s Green, to the Viking reenactments during the Battle of Clontarf 1,000th anniversary, to Johnny Fox’s Pub, trad session and more but the beautifully produced video was about more. It’s was about what they were taking away from Ireland.

At the end of the video it read “THANKS IRELAND FOR THE MARVELOUS EXPERIENCE” and the blurb read:

“Bad weather? Strong accent? They don't really care about this! They are proud to be in Ireland: an amazing country full of stunning landscapes, interesting history, rich culture, good food and warm people. And you?

“Join them! Come to Ireland! :)”

We can’t help but agree! It’s a pretty great spot.

*Originally published in 2015.