Oscar award winning actress Charlize Theron has spoken about the instant chemistry between her and her ‘Snow White’ co-star Kristen Stewart.

Despite the pair playing enemies in their upcoming summer blockbuster, Theron said they instantly connected on the flight to San Diego Comic Con last summer.

"We met on a plane going to Comic-Con, you know when you meet someone and it's effortless? It was instantly amazing,” she told E! Online.

We couldn't shut up," she continued. "The plane landed and they were like, 'Get off the plane' and we were going on and on."
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Theron said the chemistry between the two actors on set was also fantastic.

"I think we both love what we do and we came to play," Theron said.

Due out this summer Kristen Stewart plays the part of Snow White and Theron portrays the role of Queen Ravenna in “Snow White and the Huntsman”.

Watch the trailer of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ below: