Ya gotta love Gary Lightbody, the frontman with Snow Patrol, who's currently "resting" after a Go Kart accident in Germany.

Lighbody, whose band is supporting U2 on the European leg of their "360°" Tour broke a rib after crashing his Go Kart.

Instead of hiring a lawyer and suing some poor schmuck, the 33-year-old picked himself up, dusted himself down and took a swipe at himself for being an idiot.

He's a real trouper, this kid from Northern Ireland.

"I had my very best idiot trousers on in Germany at the Street Gig we did at a Go Kart track in Dettenheim," he wrote on his blog.

"I did say beforehand that I shouldn’t go on them as firstly I shouldn’t be in charge of anything that can go over 20 miles an hour and secondly I am the most accident-prone idiot in the western world.

"Did I heed my own advice? Did I f**k! So on I went and crash after crash later; finishing on a particularly nasty one that put took me to hospital where I discovered I have a broken rib. Sweet.

"Of course there’s p**s all that can be done to fix it and you just have to ride it out but let’s just say I’ve had to drink myself to sleep every night as sober sleep is way too sore. Don’t try that at home people!

And he gave a shout-out to all his fans who've rallied to support him.

"To the people (and there have been a few lovely souls) that have given me care packages at the gigs thank you very much. You’re very sweet. It’s helped. But not as much as the drink.x