Ambush Irish dancers the Sneaky Steppers are back to their stealth ways with a brand new YouTube video -- a Banksy tribute video that packs a double dose of street art.

Banksy, the notorious graffiti artist who's known for using stencils and spray paint to create satirical artwork, has been an inspiration for the men of the Sneaky Steppers, so it was only a matter of time before they'd use Banksy's works as the backdrop for a video.

"His guerilla-style street art and enigmatic presence have been some of the main forces behind the ideas we have had with Sneaky Steppers and Hammerstep," said Sneaky Steppers co-founder Jason Oremus. "Banksy ambushes the public through art. We are trying to do that through dance, so it seemed fitting that we give him a shout-out. Banksy, if you're reading this, we're coming for you."

It's not just ambush art that the Sneaky Steppers and Banksy have in common; Both Banksy and Sneaky Steppers co-founder Chris Naish hail from Bristol, England. Creativity must be in the water over there.

For more info on Sneaky Steppers, a Hammerstep initiative, follow them on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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