Veteran actor Sir Michael Caine has spoken about how much he likes working with Irish Director Christopher Nolan.

Caine, who played Alfred the butlter in Nolan’s “Dark Knight” and will soon play Miles in Nolan’s new film “Inception” spoke to ITN about the relationship they have developed.

“We're very good friends. I like working with him and he likes working with the same people over again. As you see in [Inception], he's got Ken Watanabe, Cillian Murphy and me, and we starred in Batman Begins.

"In this picture there wasn't really a part for me. So I said, 'What is there?' He said, 'Well, there's three days, you're the father of Leonardo'. So I said, 'I'll do that'."

Caine also said he really enjoys working with Leonardo DiCaprio. He said he’s “very nice, very calm…He's a great guy."

“Inception” opens in the United States on July 13.